Monday 5 August 2019


Robbert Baruch visited the Ohel of the Kotzker Rebbe today and he kindly sent me these short videos.

He is on an epic motorcycle journey recreating an earlier 1931 trip visiting Torah centres from Vienna to Vilnius.

Robbert writes on his facebook site: 

'In 1931, a group of eminent rabbis, educators and journalists made a tour from Vienna to Vilnius to visit the achievements of the Jewish Orthodox Union Agudat Yisrael’s educational branches Keren Hatora and Beis Yaakov.
It was an amazing trip. They visited amazing yeshivas, summer camps and the biggest Rabbis of the time.
But in 1993 the tour leader, David Türkel, wrote:
Nothing of that trip, which then made history, is left today or still of meaning. Not the participants, not the places we visited, not the Gedolim (great Rabbis) we met, not the institutions reviewed.”
This summer, I want to follow that trip as closely as possible.'

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